Doctor Alyssa’s practice has a lot of families with children because we are so available, families aren’t constantly having to wait for return phone calls from their doctor’s office, or go to an urgent care for the sniffles. We perform child physicals and treat most illness and injuries.

We develop a close relationship with our patients. Doctor Alyssa has a fondness for pediatric patient care. She says “I LOVE children, and it’s important for her for kiddos to feel comfortable here. Most kids don’t want to leave our office with their parents ?”

Recommended Care for Children

Wellness visits are provided based on the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended schedule, including vaccinations, acute illnesses, adolescent care, and pediatric behavioral and mental health care.

Children of all ages should be regularly monitored in the following areas.

Children in early childhood from 12mo – 4y should also have developmental screening and surveillance, behavioral assessments, and other routine tests. Autism spectrum disorder screening is also recommended around 18-24mos.

In later ages, teenagers should also have depression screening and be assessed for tobacco, alcohol, or drug use. At these ages it is particularly important to be aware of mental health.

Pediatric Services: Sports Physicals, School Physicals

Children and teenagers needing physicals for sports or for schools are welcome to come to our office to conduct these routine examinations. If you need a school physical in Davenport, we are happy to help.


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