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As your primary care provider, I feel it's important that your voice is heard in your care. I hope to work with my patients to develop a plan you are comfortable with that we both agree on, without any judgement.

I also LOVE to work with children, so don't be afraid to bring your sick kiddos in, we'll do everything we can to make them feel better.

Dr. Alyssa Wislander, NP

Primary Care Provider

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High Blood Pressure

We help patients manage their high blood pressure.

Thyroid Disease

We help patients deal with the effects of Thyroid Disease.

High Cholesterol

We provide regular checkups and monitoring for patients with high cholesterol.


We help patients manage their long term diabetes care.

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We want to assure our patients they will be personally cared for, listened to and respected now and in the future. In a time of unforeseen events, your healthcare will be steady and dependable, exactly what you deserve. At our office, you won’t find piles of paperwork, long waits or rushed visits. What you will find is a simple, authentic and non-judgmental primary provider for you and your family.

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Alyssa Wislander

We have treated hundreds of patients in Davenport.


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