Essential Health provides primary care for all ages. We see patients for services ranging from routine, preventative physicals; female annual exams; sports and school physicals; well-child physicals; and acute problems such as illness or injuries. Essential Health can manage orthopedic injuries, suture lacerations, remove skin tags/moles, and biopsy lesions concerning for skin cancer.

EH treats mental health issues for children, adolescents and adults. We provide hormone replacement for men and women, help with weight loss, manage diabetes care, hypertension, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, and more. We also offer IV Vitamin infusions or IV infusions for dehydration.

Additionally, we are now offering appointments for non-EH patients. Call us today to schedule!

Our Services

Preventative Care

Preventive care reduces the risk for diseases, disabilities, and death. Preventative screening tests and health services are an important part of your health care.

Both children and adults need regular visits to stay on top of their health. Our goal is to prevent chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease, and cancer, to name a few.


Lab services can offer a lot of answers and insights into your health, and are a typical service of routine health care. We want you to feel empowered to make healthy life decisions. Standard blood work can give you insights into possible developing situations with your health that need to be addressed.


Patients Treated


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