Essential Health routinely sees our patients for all sorts of services, ranging from routine, preventative physicals; female annual exams; sports and school physicals; well child physicals; and acute problems such as illness or injuries. Essential Health can put casts on for fractures, suture lacerations, and do mole and skin tag removal and biopsies for lesions concerning for skin cancer. We treat mental health both with or without counseling, provide hormone replacement for men and women, help with weight loss, diabetes care, hypertension management, high cholesterol management, thyroid disease management, and more. We also offer IV Vitamin infusions, or IV infusions for dehydration.

Our Services

Preventative Care

Preventative care involves stopping disease before it happens through various methods ranging from monitoring and education to testing and vaccination. Preventative services can include getting vaccinated for diseases that you may be susceptible to, and includes understanding the current state of your health.


Lab services can offer a lot of answers and insights into your health, and are a typical service of routine health care. We want you to feel empowered to make healthy life decisions. Standard blood work can give you insights into possibly developing situations with your health that need to be addressed.

Routine Care

Routine exams with your Doctor in Davenport can help find issues with your health early. You’ll know if you need shots against health problems, or find out what screening tests you need and when. We can also guide you through making changes to your life that will help you take better care of your long term health.


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