About Essential Health

We are a Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinic serving the Quad Cities area. Our patients pay a flat monthly rate and we do not bill insurance. The care our patients receive is the highest quality and is personalized to their needs (we provide the highest quality primary care available). The monthly fee is more affordable than insurance premiums, deductibles and co-pays. By taking insurance and politics out of healthcare, you and your family will get the care you deserve, when you deserve it.

For a long time, we have feared affordable, accessible, personalized healthcare for our patients would be too difficult to continue and provide. At Essential Health, we are changing the approach of healthcare to ensure our patients are the top priority. We want to assure our patients they will be personally cared for, listened to and respected now and in the future. In a time of unforeseen events, your healthcare will be steady and dependable, exactly what you deserve. At our office, you won’t find piles of paperwork, long waits or rushed visits. What you will find is a simple, authentic and non-judgmental primary provider for you and your family.

It starts with a simple membership. (Yes, we can see you without a membership for a low fee as well!) A monthly contribution to your health, costing less than the average cell phone bill. A low cost, dependable, primary provider that knows you and what you need. We are asking you to join us as we enhance and strengthen primary care. Help us revolutionize your healthcare by eliminating time consuming, costly, needless obstacles. Obstacles created by a system of third-party companies that intrude on the personalized medical care you deserve.

Your Provider


Alyssa Wislander has been a nurse since 2003 and a nurse practitioner since 2011. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Iowa, and has completed her Master’s Degree, Post-Master’s Degree and Doctorate of Nursing Practice all at University of Illinois at Chicago.

She is board certified in both pediatrics and acute care. After becoming an NP, she was a clinical instructor at the University of Illinois at Chicago for 6 years. She has taught dermatologic procedures at national conferences as well. Alyssa worked the majority of her time as a nurse in the ER and as a flight-nurse. As a nurse practitioner, she has experience in primary care, urgent care and emergency medicine.

She lives in Davenport with her husband, Pete, and children, Hannah, Luke & Jake. She also has 2 cats and 4 dogs that she spoils daily.

Specialties & Board Certifications: Acute Care, Pediatrics, and Pediatric Mental Health

Your Healthcare, Your Way

For far too long it’s been difficult to find a provider you can have a direct supportive relationship with. At Essential Health we aim to change that and provide healthcare that treats you like a real, valued individual. Come see us for your regular check ups or for bloodwork. Our practice has a lot of families with children because we are readily available and our patients don’t need to wait days for return phone calls from their doctor’s office, or go to an urgent care. Many of our patients are interested in preventing illness, not just in treating it. We are an open-minded healthcare provider willing to listen to your concerns and go out of our way to provide treatments that suit you.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

At Essential Health, our purpose is to provide an innovative, compassionate primary healthcare clinic that improves access to high-quality, evidence-based health care for all patients regardless of insurance status.

We strive to provide our patients a comfortable environment where they know they will be accepted without judgement. We are committed to partnering with our patients to achieve the ultimate goal of exceptional health.


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